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aniMedica international GmbH


Betaine anhydrateWestern Brand; Chinese quality; bags, big bags
Brewers Yeast and Yeast ExtractsWestern Brand; bags, big bags
Citric Acid anhydrate or monohydrateChina; bags 25 kg
Feed PhosphateMCP, MDCP, DCP, MCP-Na, DFP; European and Chinese Brand; bags, big bags, bulk
Sodium BicarbonateEurope Brand; bags, big bags
Sodium-Molybdate 39%MoImport with EU GMP-certificate; bag 25 kg
Acids and Antioxidants
ACIDOMIX- ProductsMixture of organic feed acids; brand of Novus Deutschland GmbH; bags
BHT cryst.incl.AC; European Brand; bags 20 kg, 1020kg per palette
Fumaric Acid99%; Asian Brand; bags
Maleic AcidAsian Brand; bags, big bags
Propionic Acid or Salt99,5% quality; Western Brand; liquid, powder; bags, big bags
VeVovitalBensoic Acid, DSM, bags 20 kg, big bags, bulk