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aniMedica international GmbH


Betaine HCLWestern Brand; monohydrate with AC; bags, big bags
Vitamin C-EC97%Hebei Tianyin/Anhui Tiger
Beta carotinWestern Brand; bags
Vitamin A 1000Western Brand; bags, big bags
Vitamin A 500only Chinese Quality; bags 25 kg
Vitamin A 500 WSWestern Brand; bags 25 kg
Vitamin AD3 1000/200Western Brand; bags, big bags
Vitamin AD3 500/100Chinese quality; bags, big bags
Vitamin D3 500Western Brand; Chinese Zhejiang Garden; bags, big bags, cartons
Vitamin E 50%Western Brand; Chinese origin bags, big bags
Vitamin Hy- DDSM quality; bags
Vitamin K3MNB, MPB, MSB, stable quality; Western Brand and other quality; bags; Hazardous substance;
Premixes / Concentrates
Premixes and Concentratesproducts according to your recipes for all kinds of animals; bags, big bags, bulk
L-Ascorbate Monophosphate VC 35%free flowing, heat stable VC35% ex Hebei Tianyin/Beijing Enhalor/Anhui Tiger
Vitamin B1mono and HCL-Quality, granulated; free flowing; Western Brand and Chinese Brand; bags, drums
Vitamin B121%- and 0,1%-quality; European Brand and Blended Quality; GMO/NON-GMO quality; bags, big bags
Vitamin B2 80%Western Brand and Chinese Brand; GMO/NON-GMO quality; bags, cartons
Vitamin B5 (D - Calpan 98%)Western Brand and Chinese Brand; bags, big bags, cartons
Vitamin B6free-flowing; Western and Chinese Brand; bags, cartons
Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid)granulated and non-granulated quality; Western Brand and Chinese Niutang; bags
Vitamin Ccrystaline, EC, Stay C-quality; Western Brand or Chinese Heibei Tianyin; bags, big bags
Vitamin Rovimix E50% ADSDSM quality