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aniMedica international GmbH


Amino acids
L-Lysine HCLWestern and Chinese Brand; bags, big bags, bulk
L-Lysine Sulphateonly powder available; Western and Chinese Brand; bags, big bags, bulk
L-TryptophaneWestern and Chinese Brand; bags
L-ValineWestern Brand
Para-Aminobenzoic-AcidImport; drums 25 kg
Taurine JP8 fgChinese Brand; bags
Vitalys drybig-bags or bulk, no bags available
Avatec 15% CCAlpharma; bags
Clinacox 0,5%Huvepharma; bags 20 kg
Cycostat 66 G Alpharma; bags
Cygro 1% Alpharma; bags
FlavomycineHuvepharma; bags; only for export
Robenz GAlpharma; bags
Sacox 120Huvepharma; bags, big bags
Salinomax 120 GAlpharma; bags
Enzymes by DSM
Ronozyme ABeta-Glucanase + Alpha-Amylase; powder or drums; bags, drums
Ronozyme HiPhos (GT)Phytase, granulated
Ronozyme NP 10.000Phytase granulated 10.000 FYT/g; 20kg bags, 1000kg big bags;
Ronozyme P (CT) oder NPPhytase granulated 5000 FYT/g; liquid; 20kg bags, 1000kg big bags; liquid 200 l drums, 1000 l iso-pallets
Ronozyme ProActProtease granulated (CT), 75000 PROT/g 25kg bags
Ronozyme VPBeta-Glucanase + Pectinase; powder or liquid; bags, drums
Ronozyme WXXylanase:1000 FXU/g; powder or liquid; bags, drums
Roxazyme G2/MultigrainBeta-Glucanase + Cellulase; powder or liquid; bags, drums
other brands
Hostazyme brandsby Huvepharma
ROVABIO enzymesby adisseo: powder and liquid; other Brands by Import from Asia
Mineral nutrients
Feed saltNa 38%, Europe Standard, 25kg bags
LickingstonesNa 39%, Europe Standard, 10kg block, 960kg on one pallet
Mineral-LickingstonesNa 37%, with Iodine and Selen, Europe Standard, 10kg block, 960kg on one pallet
Trace Elements
Calcium Iodate63-64% I, anhydrate; Europe Standard; bags; ADR 5.1/UN 1479
Cobalt Carbonat20% and 45-47% Co, monohydrate; Europe Standard; bags
Cobalt Sulphate20-21% Co, incl.AC; Europe Standard; bags; ADR 9/ UN 3077
Copper Oxide77% Cu; Europe Standard; bags
Copper Sulphate pentahydrate25% Cu, without AC; bags, big bags; ADR 9/ UN 3077
Ferrous Sulphate19% Fe, heptahydrate; 30% Fe, monohydrate; Europe Standard; bags, big bags
Manganous Oxide60-62% Mn; Europe Standard; bags, big bags
Manganous Sulphate31-32% Mn; China; bags, big bags; ADR 9/ UN 3077
Minerals on ChelatesBrand Products for Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn; bags 25kg
Potassium Iodate68% K, stabilized; Europe Standard; bags
Sodium Selenite45% Se and Premixes; Europe Standard; drums, bags; 45% quality ADR 6.1 / UN 2630
Zinc Oxide72% and 76% Zn; Europe Standard; bags; ADR 9 / UN 3077
Zinc Sulphate monohydrate35% Zn; Europe Standard, Import incl. EU certificate; bags; ADR 9 / UN 3077
Betaine anhydrateWestern Brand; Chinese quality; bags, big bags
Brewers Yeast and Yeast ExtractsWestern Brand; bags, big bags
Citric Acid anhydrate or monohydrateChina; bags 25 kg
Feed PhosphateMCP, MDCP, DCP, MCP-Na, DFP; European and Chinese Brand; bags, big bags, bulk
Sodium BicarbonateEurope Brand; bags, big bags
Sodium-Molybdate 39%MoImport with EU GMP-certificate; bag 25 kg
Acids and Antioxidants
ACIDOMIX- ProductsMixture of organic feed acids; brand of Novus Deutschland GmbH; bags
BHT cryst.incl.AC; European Brand; bags 20 kg, 1020kg per palette
Fumaric Acid99%; Asian Brand; bags
Maleic AcidAsian Brand; bags, big bags
Propionic Acid or Salt99,5% quality; Western Brand; liquid, powder; bags, big bags
VeVovitalBensoic Acid, DSM, bags 20 kg, big bags, bulk
aniRed 20Chinese quality; Natural Pigment Red 20g; bags 20 kg
aniYellow 20 and 40Natural Pigment yellow 20g or 40 g China, bags 25 kg
Canthacol redWestern Brand; Canthaxantine 10%; bags
Fe Oxidered or yellow pigment; 25kg bags; used as E1 or E172
Pigment pink 10 %Western Brand; bags
Pigment redWestern and Chinese Brand and Non-Syntecic Quality; bags
Pigment yellowWestern Brand and Non-Syntetic Quality; bags
XAROCOL; XAMACOLNatural Pigments, red and yellow; Origin: EU, bags 25 kg
Betaine HCLWestern Brand; monohydrate with AC; bags, big bags
Vitamin C-EC97%Hebei Tianyin/Anhui Tiger
Beta carotinWestern Brand; bags
Vitamin A 1000Western Brand; bags, big bags
Vitamin A 500only Chinese Quality; bags 25 kg
Vitamin A 500 WSWestern Brand; bags 25 kg
Vitamin AD3 1000/200Western Brand; bags, big bags
Vitamin AD3 500/100Chinese quality; bags, big bags
Vitamin D3 500Western Brand; Chinese Zhejiang Garden; bags, big bags, cartons
Vitamin E 50%Western Brand; Chinese origin bags, big bags
Vitamin Hy- DDSM quality; bags
Vitamin K3MNB, MPB, MSB, stable quality; Western Brand and other quality; bags; Hazardous substance;
Premixes / Concentrates
Premixes and Concentratesproducts according to your recipes for all kinds of animals; bags, big bags, bulk
L-Ascorbate Monophosphate VC 35%free flowing, heat stable VC35% ex Hebei Tianyin/Beijing Enhalor/Anhui Tiger
Vitamin B1mono and HCL-Quality, granulated; free flowing; Western Brand and Chinese Brand; bags, drums
Vitamin B121%- and 0,1%-quality; European Brand and Blended Quality; GMO/NON-GMO quality; bags, big bags
Vitamin B2 80%Western Brand and Chinese Brand; GMO/NON-GMO quality; bags, cartons
Vitamin B5 (D - Calpan 98%)Western Brand and Chinese Brand; bags, big bags, cartons
Vitamin B6free-flowing; Western and Chinese Brand; bags, cartons
Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid)granulated and non-granulated quality; Western Brand and Chinese Niutang; bags
Vitamin Ccrystaline, EC, Stay C-quality; Western Brand or Chinese Heibei Tianyin; bags, big bags
Vitamin Rovimix E50% ADSDSM quality